2013 Awareness Events

The Utah Infertility Awareness Group has decided to NOT hold events and seminars during 2013. But, have no fear...we will let you know of the great things we have planned for 2014 as this year progresses.

We are grateful for doctors and groups that are out there raising awareness about infertility both through education and support. We encourage you to enjoy the resources that are out there and find hope as you are on this journey (each of the places below have Facebook pages that share updated information about events and current events). We look forward to continuing to raise awareness in the community.

RESOLVE--Support Groups
Reproductive Care Center...Free Education Seminars
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine
Utah Fertility Center...Free Educational Seminars

Utah Support Group for LDS Women...Contact Misti Sudweeks (msudweeks(at)gmail(dot)com)

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