2014 Event Registration

Registration for the 4th Annual Utah Infertility Awareness Event is open until:

12:00 PM, APRIL 22

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Come and TAKE 5!

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2014 Utah Infertility Awarenes Event

We are excited to announce that the Utah Infertility Awareness Group will be holding an event this April!  It's good to be back!  

Come and "Take 5" (at least) new things about infertility home with you!

WHEN : April 25, 2014  6:00pm - 10:00pm

WHERE : Utah Valley University, Student Center, Room 206

Our keynote speaker will be Matt Townsend*!

Get ready for a great night of understanding and healing.  There will be dinner, Matt Townsend speaking, booths, breakout sessions and of course, giveaways with great prizes!  

Registration begins March 15!
$10.00 per person**

Stay tuned for more information and check us out on facebook and join the chatter for the event!   

* Matt Townsend is a national speaker and communication/relationship expert, he is a regular Studio 5 contributor and has his own radio show every Saturday morning on KSL News Radio. He uses humor and entertainment to teach real life principles. You won't want to miss this great night!!

** Registered attendees will receive a $10 gift certificate when they join us at the event, so really, the event is FREE!


2013 Awareness Events

The Utah Infertility Awareness Group has decided to NOT hold events and seminars during 2013. But, have no fear...we will let you know of the great things we have planned for 2014 as this year progresses.

We are grateful for doctors and groups that are out there raising awareness about infertility both through education and support. We encourage you to enjoy the resources that are out there and find hope as you are on this journey (each of the places below have Facebook pages that share updated information about events and current events). We look forward to continuing to raise awareness in the community.

RESOLVE--Support Groups
Reproductive Care Center...Free Education Seminars
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine
Utah Fertility Center...Free Educational Seminars

Utah Support Group for LDS Women...Contact Misti Sudweeks (msudweeks(at)gmail(dot)com)


Utah Infertility Awareness Fall Event 2012

registration is now OPEN!
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2012 Utah Infertility Event Registration

Registration for the 2012 Utah Infertility Event is now OPEN!

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Can't wait to see you there!

Check out the posts below to see our amazing line up of speakers and topics! If you have any questions or are having problems with submitting your registration, you can email questions@utahinfertilityawareness.com.


2012 Guest Speakers and Topics

We hope you are all getting excited for this years Utah Infertility Awareness Event! There is a great line up of speakers and topics to suit everyone who attends.


"Seeing the Beauty Around Us : How Our Perspective Shapes What We See", Larry Nelson, PhD.

Topics and Speakers for the Breakout Sessions:

"Common Infertility Diagnoses and How to Treat them", Shawn Gurtcheff, M.D., Utah Fertility Center

"Eating for Fertility", September Baumgartner, How Food Heals

"How Being 'Rational' Isn't Always Helpful (looking at infertility through a man's eyes)", Josh Redfern, LCSW

"Using Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as a Tool to Promote Fertility", Bea Hammond, L.Ac., CMT, Harmony Acupuncture

"Various Options for Advanced Infertility Treatments", Reproductive Care Center

"What Now? Coping, Healing, and Redefining Life With Infertility", Monica Ashton, MSW, LCSW, The Healing Group