News About Utah Infertility Awareness Group

We have some sad news to share with all of you...

We are closing the Utah Infertility Awareness Group. We have loved serving the infertility community over the past 5 years. We have seen so much progress in raising awareness and education about infertility and it has truly been a pleasure to be part of such an amazing cause. It has been wonderful to see the community, professionals, and doctors come together to offer resources and support to couples.

We thank YOU for being a part of all of the events we have hosted and hope that you have been given additional support and hope as you have been navigating your infertility path. We encourage you to continue to make efforts to connect with others experiencing infertility and to raise awareness where ever you go. We know that you can make a difference for others and while you make that difference, you will strengthen yourself!

We also encourage you to become involved with the other organizations in our community who offer support to couples with infertility...


These two groups do amazing things and bring couples together for a great cause.

Again, thank you for your involvement. We wish you luck as you move forward through your journey...

The Utah Infertility Awareness Group